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Some of our customers were manufacturers who needed help with their production. They had trouble meeting deadlines and filling backorders not to mention severe production problems. They found out that it was a great idea to hand over the manufacturing responsibilities to Industrial Stitchtech Inc. so that they could focus on sales and marketing, and not cutting & sewing. Furthermore, other customers were frustrated with the constant delays and quality problems from manufactures overseas (not to mention the large deposits they would have to submit).

Industrial Stitchtech goes the extra mile for all our customers. Our service is second to none, giving attention to every detail and never letting job size dictate our standard of performance. We focus on giving our customers outstanding quality and exceptional customer satisfaction in an industry where those qualities are difficult to find.

We take pride in how we operate our manufacturing process. From receiving the order to shipping it out the door: every aspect of the production process is handled meticulously and quickly. We usually run 3 to 4 week lead times on quantities of an average volume. Orders in the thousands of units would have to be evaluated depending on the products complexity to figure an actual lead-time

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