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We utilize a computerized system that is unique in the sewing industry. Every department is giving detailed instructions on routing slips with every order to minimize errors. Our operators are Not Paid Piece Work, implementing quality and not necessarily just speed. Therefore, separating us for all other sewing facilities that pay their operators based on how much they do and not on how well they do it.

To help you understand what our capabilities, all of the categories listed below are in essence the different departments that make up our Manufacturing Process.

We offer a complete in-house service that includes:


We can engineer the construction of the product that up to now had just been a vision and transform it into reality. Also, we can duplicate most any product and create patterns if you wish.


We do all our cutting in-house utilizing Stake Cutting Machines, Hydraulic Clickers and Hot Cutting Drills. All our webbings are cut with a Computerized Strip Cutter where the materials are cut to the exact length while sealing the ends to eliminate fraying.


Our inventory of sewing machines has giving us the capability to manufacture most any type of product in the soft goods industry. The machines we operate are Computerized Single Needles, Double Needles, Needle Feeds, Walking Foots, Bartacks, Boxstitches, & Overlocks. We are very knowledgeable in utilizing Folders and Attachments to facilitate and make more efficient the sewing process.


All products are completely trimmed and inspected using 1.5 AQL inspection guidelines. Our quality is excellent and unequaled in the industry. All our customers that are still having products manufactured domestically have continued their business with us and would not have it any other way.


Packaging and Shipping depends solely on our customers' needs. Since everything we manufacture is private label, we are efficient and thorough in managing every customer's personalized specifications. Customer's that have worked with us for years have put trust in us to handle their shipments completely; transferring the responsibility of shipping the product to their customers.

It's to your benefit to utilize all the sources that are available. We have large customers that have manufacturing facilities overseas but utilize our services for special projects and rush orders. They figure that you can't put a price on a satisfied customer even if it meant a little less profit. A guaranteed reorder is much more important. It wouldn't hurt to give us a try. Our quotations are free of charge and in most cases the counter samples are also free. We accommodate the customer with small orders, as well as those ranging into the thousands of units. We are looking forward to having the opportunity in servicing your company.