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If you have an existing item(s) and just need a quote on manufacturing the product, please submit a sample(s) to us (address listed above). Along with the package include information on company letterhead with a contact person’s name and include the following:

A} Any modification to be made

B) If available, a complete Bill of Materials

C) If available, Construction Specification

D) Quantity you need manufactured

E) Price Breakdowns if needed (100, 1,000, or 5,000 units)

F) Type of quotation needed

1) Complete Manufacturing (materials & labor)

2) Labor Only (cut & sew)

3) Sew Labor Only (product already provided cut & bundled)

Your quotation will be prepared within a week of receiving your sample and request for quote. Since the initial quotation process is free of charge, there’s no sewing performed to figure an exact time study. Therefore, the quotation is an estimation and runs in the range of +/- 10%.

If our quote is out or your range and there is still interest on having us manufacture your product, please contact us so that we can discuss cost cutting measures.

When our quote meet your expectations, we look forward to creating a counter sample.